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Economies are complex systems.  Businesses are interlinked through fragmented supply-chains that connect diverse countries, regions and cities across the world. We help you understand this complexity and the role of tax and finance, innovation and infrastructure on economic development.

Coronavirus: how to model the economic impacts of a pandemic

Not long after the coronavirus COVID-19 grabbed news headlines, requests started coming to Cambridge Econometrics to model the economic impacts – we expect to publish a brief analysis soon.

Others have already tried, for example the OECD has now published estimates of impact…

March 2020 Budget preview – battling the fiscal headwinds

Napoleon Bonaparte is widely quoted as saying he would rather have lucky generals who win battles than good generals.

The “general” in charge of the British economy – Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak – has had a fair degree of luck in his political career so far…

Boris Johnson: what changes for public spending?

Boris Johnson public spending

The excitement of the general election is now well and truly behind us.
The government is apparently striving to re-energise the domestic policy agenda now that ‘Brexit is done’….
Anthony Barker, Director, takes a look at how plans for public spending sit alongside the …

Brexit: the economists were broadly right

brexit economists

Most of the predictions so far of moderate losses to GDP proved to be broadly correct – GDP really is around 1-3% lower than it otherwise would have been.
But economists must be more up-front about the limitations of their modelling and more careful in the way they allow their…

Economic geography and the role of transport appraisal

The paradigm of “predict and provide” commonly used in the UK to appraise transport schemes is not fit for purpose.
A more coherent and systematic analytical framework is required.
Adam Brown, Cambridge Econometrics’ infrastructure lead explains why.
Let’s start by def…

Six big economic challenges facing the new Government

Andrew Sentance

Andrew Sentance, Senior Adviser, Cambridge Econometrics considers what challenges lie ahead for the new Conservative administration.
So it is over. The General Election results are in and we know we will have a Conservative government led by Boris Johnson.

But what will he do…

Post-Brexit Britain: Johnson gets an EU-FTA deal

brexit johnson eu fta deal

Boris Johnson has won an outright majority in the Commons and will take forward the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement.
This blog by Cambridge Econometrics founder, Terry Barker, looks at the potential economic consequences.
This is the first of two blogs and looks at the prospects fo…