We believe better quality data and analysis produce better insights, which can lead to better decisions for both people and the planet. We care about building a sustainable future for generations to come, and we believe that at Cambridge Econometrics we can play our part by advancing economics that does good for people, communities and the planet.


Our work is informed by the belief that economic behaviour is social in nature, not simply individual; that human beings are social animals; and that successful economies are based on trust and integrity.

While our projects are commissioned by clients, we are not advocates for them. We analyse and present evidence objectively, rather than making a case to order.

We are committed to good environmental practice in how we go about work, taking steps to minimise our carbon footprint and use of resources.


Cambridge Econometrics was founded in 1978 as a commercial spin-off from the University of Cambridge, to take forward the pioneering work of Prof Sir Richard Stone, Nobel Laureate in Economics. Our emphasis has always been on applied economic analysis, founded on empirical evidence.

Charitable trust

The company is a trading subsidiary of a charity, the Cambridge Trust for New Thinking in Economics. The charity guarantees the independence of the company. More information about the charity and its objectives is available on its website.

As the trading arm of a charitable trust, we’re driven by a desire to make a difference, not just a profit. We do work that we are interested in and can feel proud of.