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Modelling the local economic impacts of the coronavirus

local covid 19

The COVID-19 pandemic is a health crisis, which is quickly turning into a major economic shock.  It affects all sectors of the economy, to varying degrees.
Here Ben Gardiner and Chris Thoung looks at three aspects of the economic impact of COVID-19 from a local point of view:…

The UK – an imbalanced economy

uk imbalanced economy

In the first of three blogs focusing on imbalance in the UK’s economy our Director, Ben Gardiner, takes a look at spatial imbalance and productivity.
We find that London pulls away from the other UK regions in terms of productivity and that the regional productivity divergence…

UNESCO study: technical and vocational education

Field research in Senegal

Field research for a UNESCO project took our Director Ben Gardiner and Researcher Ana Rosa Gonzalez-Martinez* to the Dominican Republic, Cyprus and Senegal to assess the potential for a training levy to support vocational and technical education.

Tell us about the UNESCO proje…

The North-South divide: the performance gap

north south divide performance gap

It is nearly four years since the inception of the Northern Powerhouse. Has the performance gap between the Greater South East and the rest of England, the North-South divide, narrowed?
In short, no. Recent newspaper articles refer to the persistence of the gap between the north…