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In today’s world, labour markets are changing faster than ever before. From the way people work to the skills they need, green and digital technologies bring new challenges and benefits to all economies.

Cambridge Econometrics helps policymakers to respond to the changes in the current and future demand and supply of jobs and skills in the economy.   

We provide support in:  

Our understanding of labour markets and the relationships between key drivers, combined with robust, independent analysis, equips you with the information you need to improve labour market outcomes for millions of workers.  


It was great to work with Cambridge Econometrics. We hope that this research will strengthen the case for immigration detention reform


Cambridge Econometrics’ analysis met all of our expectations and was delivered in a timely manner.

Joseph Rowntree Foundation

We benefited greatly from Cambridge Econometrics’ expert input to our work in the course of collaborating and would highly recommend them as both thorough and genuinely inquisitive.

Future Care Capital

Our approach

Our approach to labour market transformation is based on robust quantitative analysis.  

Using our E3ME macroeconometric model, we have assessed the impact on the labour market of automation, digitalisation, the greening of the economy, Covid-19 pandemic, the increase in coverage of the care economy and much more.  

We are leading the delivery of Cedefop Skills Forecast and have created bespoke skills anticipation models for the Dominican Republic and Georgia.  

We have developed and updated the European Skills Index 2016, 2018, 2020 and 2022 We are also equipped to do green jobs assessments based on the ILO methodology.

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