Inequality & Poverty

Inequality is a fundamental issue, extending beyond issues of living standards, income and poverty, to human rights and discrimination. Dimensions of inequality often coincide, compounding and entrenching disadvantage.

Inequitable or uneven growth is costly and counterproductive: not only does it have a negative impact on productivity, but it is harmful to personal health and wellbeing and social cohesion. Well-designed policy can lead to inclusive growth and better opportunities for individuals.

You need robust analysis to determine how emerging policy proposals, made in response to issues such as in-work poverty, could affect different groups.  Our understanding of the policy process and the relationships between policy areas, combined with robust, independent analysis, equips you with the information you need to make positive decisions.

Some challenging questions we can help you answer:

Our Inequality & Poverty work

Economic benefits of gender equality and women empowerment in the Western Balkans six

“Economic Benefits of Gender Equality and Women Empowerment in the Western Balkans six” is a study by the Regional Cooperation Council Secretariat (RCC). The Council serves regional cooperation and Euro-Atlantic integration of South East Europe, in order to spark development ...

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2020 evaluation of promoting social inclusion, combatting poverty and any discrimination by the European Social Fund (Thematic Objective 09)

The European Social Fund (ESF) is the main financial instrument for operationalising the European Union's policies related to employment, education, training and social inclusion. It supports four of the eleven Thematic Objectives defined in the Common Provision Regulation,4 one ...

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Economic impacts of immigration detention reform

In Economic Impacts of Immigration Detention Reform for Liberty, we assessed the potential costs and savings of introducing a 28-day time limit on immigration detention. We concluded that there was scope for net savings of £25‑35m or more each year. The UK is the only c...

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The impact of Brexit on poverty in the UK

Cambridge Econometrics was commissioned by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation to explore the impact of Brexit on poverty in the UK, focusing specifically at the poorest 1/5th of households. The resulting analysis found in The Impact of Brexit on Poverty in the UK models a range o...

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Economic benefits of gender equality in the EU

This study finds that if the EU stepped up its efforts to improve gender equality, more jobs would be created, GDP per capita would increase and society would be able to adjust better to the challenges related to the ageing population. A newly-developed version of Cambridge Ec...

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Designing an EU-wide unemployment benefits system

This study explored whether an EU-wide Unemployment Benefits System (UBS) could act as an effective fiscal stabilizer to mitigate future economic shocks.

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