Inequality & Poverty

Inequality is a fundamental issue extending beyond issues of living standards, income and poverty, to human rights and discrimination. Dimensions of inequality often coincide, increasing the impact on the already disadvantaged. 

You need robust analysis to determine how emerging policy proposals are made in response to issues such as: 

Our understanding of the policy process and the relationships between policy areas, combined with robust, independent analysis, equips you with the information you need to make positive decisions.  


It was great to work with Cambridge Econometrics. We hope that this research will strengthen the case for immigration detention reform


Cambridge Econometrics’ analysis met all of our expectations and was delivered in a timely manner.

Joseph Rowntree Foundation

We benefited greatly from Cambridge Econometrics’ expert input to our work in the course of collaborating and would highly recommend them as both thorough and genuinely inquisitive.

Future Care Capital

Our approach

Our approach to inequality and poverty is tailor-made to the proposed policy. We are well-known for our assessment of the economic benefits of gender equality in Europe.  

Using multiple data sources, we can provide insights into the key drivers of inequality and poverty. Using the latest econometrics techniques, we analyse information to interpret current and future trends in wages and labour market outcomes for disadvantaged groups.  

We have done the economic assessment of Work-life balance and the minimum wage EU directives, the introduction of basic income and of an EU-wide unemployment benefits system. 

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