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Good health and social care are integral to a well-functioning and thriving society.  While countries around the world have made great strides in health and social care over the past decades challenges remain, both old and new.

To inform effective policy you need to anticipate pressures on, and from, health and social care systems and understand the wider consequences of interventions.  We can help you do this.  As economists, we offer a system view of these problems and their relationship to other policy areas such as workforce strategies, productivity, economic growth and public finance.

Some challenging questions we can help you answer:

Our Health & Social Care work

Data that cares

Social care is increasingly acknowledged as an area in which we know little about. Compared to other aspects of people’s lives, often the data are either of low quality or simply absent. In Data that Cares, a project for Future Care Capital (FCC), using public data, we sough...

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Facilitating care insight to develop caring economies

Ahead of the UK government’s much-anticipated consultation on adult social care in England, Future Care Capital commissioned us to look at regional variations in social care and the implications for policy. Regional variations matter because it is at this level that individu...

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Economic impact of NHS spending in the Black Country

Economic impact of NHS spending in the Black Country sought to better understand the economic footprint (‘impact’) of the NHS in the Black Country. Cambridge Econometrics' main role in the project was to apply economic impact analysis techniques to quantify the output and...

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Economic impacts of national health insurance in the Bahamas

KPMG commissioned us to assess the long-term economic impacts of providing free primary care to all residents of the Bahamas.

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Model assessment course for the UK’s Department of Health

This two-day course equipped participants with a better understanding of the econometrics techniques they might encounter in studies being used in their department.

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