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The diffusion of new technology has profound impacts on society and the economy.  We can help you understand the drivers of technology innovation and its impact.

The impact of technological change on skills

automation skills eu

Terence Hogarth is Senior Advisor at Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini and has over 30 years’ experience of carrying out research on vocational education and training in the UK and the EU. 

Terence is this month’s guest blogger and writes for us about the i…

What is macroeconomic modelling? And why do we do it?

What is macroeconomic modelling? Why do we use macro economic models?

Hector Pollitt, explores: what is macroeconomic modelling? And why do we do it?

I am not a fan of economic models because they have all proven wrong.David Davis MP, Secretary of State for Exiting the EU, December 2017.

Is this the case? Is it reasonable to take this view?…

Should we fear the rise of the machines?

How will increased robotisation affect income, production and consumption? Will society benefit from the transition to automation in the long-run? Are humans destined for redundancy and poverty?

In his second blogpost on this subject our Director, Hector Pollitt explains why e…

Rise of the robots – and the fall of capitalism?

Could robots bring about the downfall of capitalism? Will some humans become totally redundant or will workers simply find jobs in other sectors?

Hector Pollitt explains why scenarios currently being assessed at Cambridge Econometrics are pretty pessimistic as far as jobs are …

The tyranny of the present and how to avoid it

tyranny present

By Dr James Derbyshire, Senior Research Fellow at Middlesex University

In both our professional and personal lives, what is most available and prominent in our mind’s eye is what is already true, as represented by the present situation. Because of this availability of the pr…

Autonomous vehicles: location, opportunity and safety

Autonomous vehicles will change settlement patterns by removing the need to live close to our workplace or public transportation. This will enable people to leave cities, swapping urban life for peaceful, rural locations.

Accidents caused by drink driving and human error will …

Autonomous vehicles: the emergence of new business models

There is a tsunami on the horizon… autonomous vehicles are coming. The impact of this disruptive technology will ripple through the economy affecting our behaviour, our industries and our governments’ policies. The changes will be profound.

Our recent market fore…