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Investing for sustainable growth

Andrew Sentance argues that to achieve a net zero economy by 2050 the UK government must invest now.
The economic model that has developed in the UK and other major economies over the past 250 years of industrialisation and economic development is heavily dependent on the burnin…

Climate change and financial risk: how economic models can help

In a series of speeches for the Bank of England, Mark Carney warned firms and investors that they must adapt to climate risks.
Sophie Heald explains how models can be used to help quantify these risks.
The last decade was the warmest ever. In recent months, we have seen the de…

Boris Johnson: what changes for public spending?

Boris Johnson public spending

The excitement of the general election is now well and truly behind us.
The government is apparently striving to re-energise the domestic policy agenda now that ‘Brexit is done’….
Anthony Barker, Director, takes a look at how plans for public spending sit alongside the …