What we do

We take economic data and make it meaningful for decision-makers.

As an independent organisation that specialises in data, we provide you with credible and robust evidence that allows you to make decisions.

Our economists work with organisations around the world, providing them with clear insights across a broad spectrum of complex 21st century challenges facing our economies, societies and the natural environment.



Economies are complex systems.  Businesses are interlinked through fragmented supply-chains that connect diverse countries, regions and cities across the world. We help you understand this complexity and the role of tax and finance, innovation and infrastructure on economic development.

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    The diffusion of new technology has profound impacts on society and the economy.  We can help you understand the drivers of technology innovation and its impact.

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    Infrastructure, physical and digital, is critical to economic development. Our analysis supports you to prioritise and invest in effective infrastructure options.

  • Tax & Finance

    Changes in society, the economy and the environment have consequences for the call on government spending, for tax revenues and for returns to investment.

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    Sectors, Trade & Competitiveness

    Modern supply chains are international and highly fragmented, and services can be readily traded. Our expertise makes sense of these complexities.

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    Regions, Cities & Local Areas

    Local economic prospects reflect a place’s assets and institutional settings.  Our economic analysis helps support locally-tailored policy.


Societiethrive when economies are managed to meet the needs and aspirations of peopleand economies thrive within strong societies that are fair and resilient.  We help you to understand the complex, multi-faceted and profound relationships between societies and economies.

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    Jobs & Skills

    The nature of employment is changing fast; we can help you understand the jobs of the future and the implications for education, skills and the wider economy.

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    Inequality & Poverty

    Inclusive growth should provide equality of opportunity to improve outcomes and help lift people out of poverty.  Our work identifies how policies affect different groups of society.

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    Population, Migration & Housing

    Understanding demographic trends allows us to provide insights on the demand for public services and housing, and the supply of labour.

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    Health & Social Care

    We help you anticipate pressures on and from health systems and understand the wider consequences of interventions on societies and economies.


Economies are reliant on the resources provided by the natural environment and yet, left unchecked, economic development can lead to its irreversible destruction. We can help you understand economic dependency on the environment and the impact of economic growth on the natural world around us.

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    Energy markets, whether fossil-based or renewable, and their interaction with the wider economy are complex. We help to shed light on these complexities to inform sustainable energy policy.

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    Climate change is a major global concern whose impacts are felt locally. Our expertise can help you understand the impact of climate policies.

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    Circular Economy

    Global consumption patterns far exceed the world’s natural limits. We can help you to understand circular economy models and their role in decoupling economic growth from material consumption.

  • Natural Resources

    Natural resources provide societies with an endowment on which to base economic development. We provide insights that can help you sustainably manage these natural resources.


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