What we do

We take economic data and make it meaningful for decision-makers.

As an independent organisation that specialises in data, we provide you with credible and robust evidence that allows you to make decisions.

Our economists work with organisations around the world, providing them with clear insights across a broad spectrum of complex 21st century challenges facing our economies, societies and the natural environment.



Economies are complex systems.  Businesses are interlinked through fragmented supply-chains that connect diverse countries, regions and cities across the world. We help you understand this complexity and the role of tax and finance, innovation and infrastructure on economic development.


Societiethrive when economies are managed to meet the needs and aspirations of peopleand economies thrive within strong societies that are fair and resilient.  We help you to understand the complex, multi-faceted and profound relationships between societies and economies.


Economies are reliant on the resources provided by the natural environment and yet, left unchecked, economic development can lead to its irreversible destruction. We can help you understand economic dependency on the environment and the impact of economic growth on the natural world around us.