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The world is becoming increasingly urbanised with cities seen as the engines of growth on which national performance is based. However, a place’s assets and institutions influence their economic prospects. Ensuring the growth of cities and localities in a way which benefits all is a challenge.

We provide insight by advising you on the likely impact of a trend or particular policy on a place through city-based, local or regional analysis, forecasting and modelling. You can then take advantage of emerging opportunities, or, mitigate against any adverse effects.

Some challenging questions we can help you answer:

Our Regions, Cities & Local Areas work

Economic impacts of an energy from waste facility

Economic impacts of a new energy from waste facility assessed the economic contribution of Amey’s proposed waste management plant at Waterbeach, Cambridgeshire. It assessed how the direct footprint of the site creates value added and jobs through supply chains, both in the l...

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Economic impacts of new or improved rail lines

The UK Department for Transport wanted to explore the link between rail investment and local growth, but there was a lack of ex-post evaluation evidence. The hypotheses were that new and improved rail lines: Increased convenience for local people Increase attractivenes...

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Cambridge, Milton Keynes, Oxford, Northampton growth corridor

In March 2016, the National Infrastructure Commission was asked to consider how to maximise the potential of the Cambridge – Milton Keynes – Oxford corridor.  Cambridge Econometrics together with SQW carried out an economic study to inform the Commission’s work. The stu...

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Economic forecasting support to the East of England

We provide the East of England LGA with forecasting support.

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Preparing for Brexit

This is the first assessment of Brexit across key indicators and sectors at a sub-national level under five different scenarios.

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Economic impact of NHS spending in the Black Country

Economic impact of NHS spending in the Black Country sought to better understand the economic footprint (‘impact’) of the NHS in the Black Country. Cambridge Econometrics' main role in the project was to apply economic impact analysis techniques to quantify the output and...

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Northern Powerhouse independent economic review

This project, undertaken with SQW, CE provided economic analysis and projections to underpin Transport for the North’s development of a transport infrastructure plan.

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