Meet the team

In a small and inclusive company like ours, we strive to ensure everyone has opportunities to engage in interesting research and contribute towards delivering our evidence-based analysis to clients. Here’s a cross-section of our staff, to give you a flavour of our people, culture and capabilities.

You can see a full list of our staff here.

Working here you feel part of a family. From day one you work with and learn from people at all levels. It’s easy when you’re surrounded by hardworking, supportive and fun people! We may be a small company, but we do meaningful, far-reaching work around the world.

Shyamoli Patel Principal Economist

Joined CE: 2012

Qualifications: BSc Economics (University College London), MSc Economics (University of Warwick)

Experience: I work on the maintenance, development and application of our subnational models. We evaluate development strategies for local, regional and national organisations and do forecasting and scenario analysis for policy evaluation.

We’re always developing our techniques and seeking new ideas to inform our analysis. Thanks to our supportive environment I’ve learned so much and applied it to solve interesting problems. The quality and impact of what we do means I’m really proud to work here.

Jamie Pirie Managing Economist

Joined CE: 2011 (placement), 2013 (permanent)

Qualifications: BSc (Hons) Economics (University of Bath)

Experience: General focus on economic modelling and data visualisation applied to a variety of topics. Notable areas include: labour market & skills analysis, and energy and environment.

At Cambridge Econometrics we strive to do economics that makes a difference in the real world by providing our clients with practical advice across a full range of economic, social and environmental issues.

Philip Summerton Chief Executive Officer

Joined CE: 2003 (placement), 2006 (permanent)

Qualifications: BSc Economics (University of Bath), MSc Sustainable Development (University of London (jointly awarded by Imperial College London and SOAS))

Experience: I’ve led many interesting projects all over the world, looking into the implications of climate and energy policy and covering energy sector investment, transport, industry and housing.

Cambridge Econometrics does not fit the standard definition of a company. It’s a group of economists who enjoy identifying the story that emerges from masses of numbers, to help our clients make sense of complicated ideas. One of my favourite things is that the learning and collaboration never stops.

Ha Bui Principal Economist

Joined CE: 2014 (placement), 2016 (permanent)

Qualifications: BSc (Hons) Economics (University of Bath)

Experience: I worked on a range of UK/EU regional and subnational projects during my undergraduate placement at CE. Since returning, I have contributed to CE’s UK subnational models and expanded my knowledge in economic analysis, programming and modelling.

The company enables in-depth objective modelling and analysis to really flourish. We address some huge long-term policy issues that cut across many disciplines. I enjoy the challenge of interpreting clients’ questions and finding the best empirical method to tackle them.

Richard Lewney Chair

Joined CE: 1988

Qualifications: First class degree in Economics from Cambridge University. Fulbright Scholar for Master’s at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

Experience: I’ve worked across many policy domains, ranging from energy-economy-environment through local and regional economic development to labour, employment and skills development.