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Explainer: the economics of the Coronavirus pandemic

economics Coronavirus pandemic

Governments are trying to mitigate the threat posed by the Coronavirus pandemic to economic well-being. 
This blog by Richard Lewney sets out the principal channels of impact and the issues that need to be addressed in designing mitigation measures.
It follows Coronavirus:…

Coronavirus: how to model the economic impacts of a pandemic

Not long after the coronavirus COVID-19 grabbed news headlines, requests started coming to Cambridge Econometrics to model the economic impacts – so we quickly began looking into the possibilities.  We subsequently published our initial modelling results.

The OECD had pub…

March 2020 Budget preview – battling the fiscal headwinds

Napoleon Bonaparte is widely quoted as saying he would rather have lucky generals who win battles than good generals.

The “general” in charge of the British economy – Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak – has had a fair degree of luck in his political career so far…