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A cold winter would be devastating for poorer homes

CEO Phil Summerton warns that rising energy prices will affect the poorest households in Britain this winter, as they face the challenge of increasing energy and food prices as well as the spread of Covid-19 and seasonal influenza. Phil highlights three options for the Government…

No-deal Brexit: how bad could it be?

It was all supposed to be so easy but, with weeks to go, a no-deal Brexit is still a possibility amidst the political chaos. How bad could it be? Managing Director, Phil Summerton, explores the indicators.

“There is no plan for no deal, because we’re going to get a great dea…

Electric vehicles: what will happen to fuel duty revenues?

Electric vehicle use will impact fuel duty revenue

An issue that often arises when discussing a transition to electric vehicle use is fuel duty revenues, and how and whether governments will enforce new taxes to replace them.

How much revenue does fuel tax generate, and how long would it take for UK fuel duty revenue to reach …