Our staff

Board of Directors

Anthony Barker Chief Strategy Officer [email protected]
Terry Barker Non-Executive Director [email protected]
Rachel Beaven Chief Human Resources Officer [email protected]
Ben Gardiner Chief Operations Officer [email protected]
Paul Hildreth Non-Executive Director
Richard Lewney Chair [email protected]
Philip Summerton Chief Executive Officer [email protected]



Francisco Arsenio Economic Modeller [email protected]
Luca Barbieri Senior Economist [email protected]
Iakov Frizis Senior Economist [email protected]
Carl Heinemann Project Manager [email protected]
Stijn Van Hummelen Managing Director (Belgium) [email protected]
Robin Lechtenfeld Senior Economist [email protected]
Cornelia-Madalina Suta Principal Consultant [email protected]



Dóra Fazekas Managing Director (Hungary) [email protected]
Ioannis Gutzianas Economic Modeller [email protected]
Áron Hartvig Economist [email protected]
Istvan Heilmann Economist [email protected]

János Hidi Sustainable Investment Manager [email protected]

Bence Kiss-Dobronyi Senior Economist [email protected]
Zsófi Kőműves Economist [email protected]

Boglárka Molnár Senior Economist [email protected]


United Kingdom

Vivian Adeyemi Human Resources and Operations Officer [email protected]
Eva Alexandri Technical Manager [email protected]

Alice Brooke Communications and Marketing Manager [email protected]

Adam Brown Principal Consultant [email protected]
Ha Bui Project Manager [email protected]

Ornella Dellaccio Economist [email protected]

Jennifer Dicks Project Manager [email protected]
Keith Dixon Head of IT and Premises [email protected]
Isha Dwesar Economic Modeller [email protected]
Rebecca Elliott Senior Communications and Marketing Officer [email protected]

Alex Frost Senior Economist [email protected]

Sachin Gulati Economic Modeller [email protected]
Graham Hay Associate Director [email protected]
Rosie Hayward Economic Modeller [email protected]
Xinru Lin Senior Economist [email protected]
Georgios Maridis Economist [email protected]

Michael McGovern Economic Modeller [email protected]

Shyamoli Patel Project Manager [email protected]
Jamie Pirie Technical Manager [email protected]
Andrew Poulton Project Manager [email protected]
Lee Robinson Senior Economist [email protected]
Andrew Sentance Senior Adviser
Daniel Seymour Economist [email protected]
Alistair Smith Project Manager [email protected]
Jack Spencer Senior Economist [email protected]
Jon Stenning Associate Director [email protected]
Chris Thoung Associate Director [email protected]
Tony To Economist [email protected]
Federico Vacca Bid and Contract Manager [email protected]
Pim Vercoulen Senior Economic Modeller [email protected]
An Vu Senior Economic Modeller [email protected]
Jakub Zagdanski Senior Economist [email protected]


United States of America

Ann Furbush Economist [email protected]
Dan Hodge Executive Vice President (USA) [email protected]