Economic impact of NHS spending in the Black Country

This exploratory study commissioned for the Black Country Sustainability and Transformation Plan was led by ICF and sought to better understand the economic footprint (‘impact’) of the NHS in the Black Country.

CE’s main role in the project was to apply economic impact analysis techniques to quantify the output and jobs supported across the entire local economy.

This helped the client to understand the impact of the NHS in the local economy as a major employer and procurer; and the role it can play, as an anchor institution, to support strong and inclusive growth in the wider local community.

The NHS is a fundamental pillar of the UK health system but also a major employer. In individual communities, local NHS organisations can account for substantial proportions of the workforce and be significant procurers of supplies and services. Often, these organisations are thus important as economic actors.

Indeed, the long-term plan for the NHS over the next ten years, published in January 2019, recognises the NHS’s potential role as an ‘anchor institution’ in local communities. Done well, these organisations’ employment and purchasing decisions could support strong and inclusive growth in their areas.

The full report is available here.