Coronavirus: how we can help

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Economic analysis to inform decision-making

In times of uncertainty it’s reassuring to know that there are reliable tools and experienced people who can offer clarity from complexity and confusion.

We can provide insight on the impact of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic across the economy, society and the environment at global, national, regional, city and local levels.

Employment in the UK: Covid-19 and future prospects summarises what has been happening in the UK labour market over the past few months and what the future could look like over the next four years. Using our latest labour market projections, the slides show the sectors where employment will be hardest hit by the impact of Covid-19 across the country and also where employment is likely to increase as jobs are created as a result of the pandemic.

Further analysis on local vulnerabilities to the economic impact of COVID-19 across Great Britain takes into consideration the local angle in terms of the proportion of jobs under threat in particular sectors, for example here in tourism and leisure:

Whether you are a policymaker or an investor we can develop plausible scenarios with you about the future impact of the pandemic and stress test your response to it. Furthermore, with our partner Ortec Finance we can quantify risk and returns on investment.

Examples of the questions we can address include:

Global economy

How severe might the global recession be and what might recovery look like?

What impact will government support packages have?

How might international trade recover, and differ, in the wake of the pandemic?

Energy and climate change

What will be the impact on energy markets and CO2 emissions?

How could low-carbon investments help rebuild more robust economies, combat climate change and improve health?

Labour market, sectors and local areas

How will sectors, supply-chains and labour markets be affected?

How many unemployed people will result from the economic shutdown in specific local areas?

Has the pandemic brought forward innovative practices or improved productivity?

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