Our Global Macro-econometric Model

E3ME is a global, macro-econometric model designed to address major economic and economy-environment policy challenges.

Developed over the last 25 years, it is one of the most advanced models of its type.

Its strengths are:

  • A high level of disaggregation, enabling detailed analysis of sectoral and country-level effects from a wide range of scenarios
  • Social impacts (including unemployment levels and distributional effects) are important model outcomes.
  • Its econometric specification addresses concerns about conventional macroeconomic models and provides a strong empirical basis for analysis.
  • It can fully assess both short and long-term impacts and is not limited by many of the restrictive assumptions common to Computable General Equilibrium (CGE) models.
  • Integrated treatment of the world’s economies, energy systems, emissions and material demands. This enables it to capture two-way linkages and feedbacks between these components.

E3ME has global coverage while also allowing for analysis at national level and projects forwards annually for many decades. It is frequently applied at national level, in Europe and beyond, as well as for global policy analysis.

The E3ME website provides further information, including the full technical manual.

For more information about E3ME and its applications, please contact Ha Bui.

Ha Bui Principal Economist [email protected]