e3-India: A state-level e3 model of India

E3-India is a dynamic macro-econometric simulation model, developed as a tool for state-level analysis in India.  It covers 28 states and 4 union territories of India.

The model was developed in partnership with the Regulatory Assistance Project (RAP) to enable policymakers and stakeholders to assess various policy impacts at a significantly higher geographical resolution than has previously been possible in India.

E3-India is freely available under licence for academic use and can be downloaded here.

More on the motivations behind the work

The model is similar in design to the E3ME model, and also features a state-level implementation of the Future Technology Transfer (FTT) module, to capture the influences of new technologies in the power sector and on the wider economy and environment.

Designed to assess energy and climate policy in a highly empirical structure, the model combines an accounting framework with a set of parameters that have been estimated econometrically from a detailed time-series database. Policies can be defined at state level, and the model results show impacts in each state, including impacts on trade between states.

The model manual is composed of nine volumes:

Volume 1: Introduction to the model

Volume 2: Installation guide

Volume 3: Data and model validation

Volume 4: The econometric equations

Volume 5: Model structure

Volume 6: References

Volume 7: Special modules

Volume 8: Case studies

Volume 9: Frequently asked questions

The full manual can be downloaded here.

E3-India was presented at the 2017 IORA conference in Pune (see here) and at the International Input-Output Association conference in Atlantic City, US (see here, here and here).

For more information, please contact Hector Pollitt.

Hector Pollitt Director, Head of Modelling hp@camecon.com