European regional data

We maintain the European Regional Database. This is a wide-ranging, sub-national, pan-EU database of economic indicators. It provides a complete and consistent, historical time series of data for the period 1980-2015. With regional (NUTS 2 and 3) and sectoral disaggregation, it offers a unique database relevant to academic, policy and trend analysis.

This database is particularly useful for analysing historical regional trends across Europe, through econometric regression modelling or regional analysis. Researchers have used this data in analysis published in high-impact academic journals such as Research Policy, Applied Economics and Regional Studies. The database is available for both commercial and academic purposes.

Our current European Regional Database includes the following sectoral disaggregation;

It is consistent with NACE Rev. 2 sectoral definitions, namely;

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To view the technical note, please see here:

Technical Note

To discuss how you might use this database, or arrange purchase, please contact Ben Gardiner.