Charging Poland – the electrification of Polish road transport

The electrification of Polish road transport is one of the Polish government’s most important economic priorities.

The ‘Charging Poland’ report aims to present the possible scenarios and expected macroeconomic effects related to the electrification of the road transport sector in Poland.

This study proves that significant benefits are in sight and that electric vehicles can boost the Polish economy. The Charging Poland final technical report provides further detail.

However, significant challenges lie ahead and they will require clever navigation. The adoption of electric vehicles in Poland promises to yield numerous benefits. 

This study shows that the electrification of transport would:

  • increase growth
  • bring new jobs
  • improve energy security
  • cut CO2 emissions

It could also spur modernisation in the electricity sector.  More difficult to calculate but equally important is the impact on quality of life through improvements in air quality and noise reduction.

Jon Stenning Director, Head of Environment [email protected]