Strategic housing market assessment update for Oxford

This assessment provided an update to Cambridge Econometrics’ previous work, which quantified economic scenarios by sector for Oxfordshire and its districts to 2031 to help inform the development of their Strategic Economic Plan and the Strategic Housing Market Assessment.

For this project, we focused on updating the scenarios for Oxford City to 2036 using our Local Economy Forecasting Model (LEFM). The scenarios included:

  • a baseline scenario based on historical relationships between growth in Oxford and the South East or UK
  • a revised population scenario that took into account Oxford City Council’s own population projections
  • a policy-led scenario that included adjustments to take account of local information on above-trend growth that could occur as the result of policy. This included revisiting the assumptions made in the original work, based on how Oxford has developed since then.

This work was carried out in partnership with GL Hearn and SQW to update previous work led by Cambridge Econometrics in 2014.

Shyamoli Patel Principal Economist [email protected]