Identifying regional circular economy opportunities: Zero Waste Scotland

This project for Zero Waste Scotland, led by Ricardo Energy & Environment, identified opportunities for circular economy initiatives within two economies: Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire, and Dundee, Angus and Perth & Kinross.

It then went on to provide an initial estimation of the potential economic benefits they could provide.

Cambridge Econometrics’ role in the study was two-fold: firstly to identify the key sectors in relation to resource use and describe their characteristics such as their firm composition, their past and future growth, and characteristics of their supply chain; then to work with Ricardo to develop and implement a framework to quantify the economic impact of implementing particular initiatives within the key sector.

In scoping the key sectors, Cambridge Econometrics utilised its local economy database as well as official statistics, including the Scottish Input-Output table; and linking data on economic activity to waste arisings.

For more information about the findings of the study, please see the associated Zero Waste Scotland press release here.

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