UK economic forecasting services

We produce regular (twice a year) economic forecasts for the sectors and regions of the UK. These  provide UK-level breakdowns of all the macroeconomic aggregates (GDP, household expenditure, investment etc.) into the products and markets more relevant for strategic decision-making. Those national forecasts are disaggregated to NUTS1 (former Government Office Region) level, retaining a substantial level of sectoral disaggregation in key economic indicators such as GVA and employment.

All forecasts are generated using our Multisectoral Dynamic Model of the UK economy, MDM-E3. The forecast is updated twice a year and currently extends to 2030.

We also work with the British Chambers of Commerce to deliver their quarterly economic forecasts, and produce local-area level economic projections for use in our LEFM model. We can provide bespoke forecasting services to meet your requirements.

To find out how CE’s forecasting services can support you, please contact Graham Hay.