Our position following the UK’s vote to leave the EU

Life after the Brexit vote presents a challenge to research-based consultancies with an international staff serving an international market. The outcome of the referendum cast uncertainty over the future relationship of the UK with the European Union and, indeed, the rest of the world. As a company Cambridge Econometrics has always been, and will remain, an outward-looking business with a strong network of partners throughout Europe and, increasingly, across the wider world. In the face of Brexit, we will look to strengthen these relationships with partners and not retreat from them; we will look to build our presence in Europe, not allow it to diminish; and we will continue to deliver our brand of clear evidence-based analysis to support policy-making in the UK, in the European Union, and elsewhere in the world.

The result of the referendum also highlights the considerable challenges that policy makers face in the UK: in particular rising income inequality, economic uncertainty, pressures on public services and the lack of social mobility. Cambridge Econometrics remains committed to support UK policy makers at the national, regional, city and local level with the relevant and rigorous analysis needed to respond to these challenges.