New macroeconomic insights on the impacts of Long Covid in the UK

Key findings:


What are the health system implications of Long Covid?

What are the sectoral employment impacts?

How could different Government financing options for Long Covid healthcare costs impact the UK economy?


Meet the experts

Cambridge Econometrics’ economic modelling and social policy experts partnered with Professor Emeritus in Public Health Ruairidh Milne to take a multi-disciplinary and fresh approach to assessing the macroeconomic impacts of Long Covid.

Managing Economist Eva Alexandri, Cambridge Econometrics

Eva Alexandri holds 15 years of experience in economic modelling analysis, specialising in the application of Cambridge Econometrics’ global macroeconomic model E3ME on a range of complex social and environmental policy issues.

Director of Society Chris Thoung, Cambridge Econometrics

Professor Emeritus in Public Health Ruairidh Milne, University of Southampton

Professor Milne is a retired public health physician with over 30 years of expertise in evidence-based medicine and health technology assessment. He worked for many years for the NIHR and its predecessor programmes and for 20 years worked closely with NICE as a member of various advisory committees.
Professor Milne has had Long COVID since March 2020 and remains unwell with the condition.