Economic modelling analysis of South East Asia’s labour markets

We are Cambridge Econometrics

For over 30 years, our team have been partnering with clients and collaborators on a wide range of economic, societal and environmental issues, using quantitative approaches to data analysis and economic modelling, to provide valuable evidence-based insights.

We are committed to supporting our clients and partners in their decision-making, by providing tangible economic intelligence, which is always underpinned by our robust and innovative methodologies.

Our service

  • Expert support with mastering in-depth data analysis
  • Skills anticipation, underpinned by our world-class suite of in-house macroeconomic models or a model specifically created for the country
  • Delivering insights for a range of public and private sector clients with global, regional and local impact
  • In-depth understanding of labour market behaviour and key drivers
  • Independent advice to inform critical policy decision-making
  • Reputable partner and lead collaborator

Skills Anticipation: Harnessing collaborations to deliver impactful projects

Principal Economist Madalina Suta shares her experience of collaborating with organisations around the world on skills anticipation projects, reflecting on the importance of bringing a diverse set of skills and experience to the table and long-term capacity building for effective public policy-making.

Our approach

  1. Collaborating with a diverse team of experts: Diverse and complex skills anticipation briefs require a diverse set of skills and expertise. We partner with experts in local knowledge and policy-making, bringing our economic modelling and skills anticipation expertise to create valuable data-driven insights.
  2. Making the analysis relevant to client needs: Working with our collaborators, we develop narratives founded on a solid and trustworthy statistical base that help clients inform decision-making with meaningful data insights.
  3. Delivering-long lasting impact through capacity building: We believe every skills anticipation project should result in capacity building for everyone on the team, bringing clients on the journey with us to ensure the skills developed have lasting impact felt beyond the project lifetime.

Get in touch with Principal Economist Madalina Suta

If you need help with a tricky brief, and are looking for economic modelling expertise to unlock the value of complex data on South East Asia’s labour markets, get in touch!

We can partner with you to provide clients unique insights and consider all angles for critical policy decision-making.

  • Expert help with mastering in-depth data analysis
  • Unpack behaviours and discover impactful insights
  • Help your clients with critical policy decision-making

Powering impact through our in-house economic models

Key to our work is our suite of in-house economic models. These powerful tools give us the ability to explore, analyse and interpret a wide range of topics, policies and scenarios. For labour market analysis, our team carefully considers the best model on a bespoke basis according to the need of the client and the purpose of the analysis.

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