A cold winter would be devastating for poorer homes

CEO Phil Summerton warns that rising energy prices will affect the poorest households in Britain this winter, as they face the challenge of increasing energy and food prices as well as the spread of Covid-19 and seasonal influenza. Phil highlights three options for the Government…

Jobs recovery brings inflation warnings

Senior Adviser Andrew Sentance comments on the latest UK inflation and labour market figures, arguing that the Monetary Policy Committee must step up to the challenge of preventing any damages of a possible inflationary surge.

The latest UK inflation and labour market figures …

Build Back Better: smarter investment decision making

Portland Oregon

“Build back better” has become a mantra of our time. In the US, the Biden administration is trying to secure a multi-trillion-dollar package of infrastructure spending to drive change.

Together Cambridge Econometrics, ECONorthWest and Hodge Economic Consulting have been consid…