International Labour Organization: Employment impacts of Covid-19 crisis and recovery policies in Brazil

How have Brazil’s Covid-19 economic recovery policies impacted the labour market? Cambridge Econometrics’ labour market experts worked with the International Labour Organization to assess the impact of economic fiscal interventions introduced in 2021-2022 on net employment.

Using our global macroeconomic model E3ME, the policies were analysed simultaneously and individually to assess the impacts on additional jobs created, sectors that benefit the most and emissions up to 2030.

The impact of the policies implemented:

  • 145,000 additional jobs were created in 2021, particularly in the retail, tourism, business and public services, and agriculture sectors.
  • The policies will have a long-term effect on jobs up to 2030, mainly due to increased consumption and higher demand for goods.
  • While recovery policies increase emissions, the additional jobs will produce less emissions than the national average in the short and the long term.

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