What are the impacts of decarbonisation on inflation?

With the rise in fuel and food prices, a cost-of-living crisis and geopolitical unrest, will decarbonisation ease the pressure on inflation or make it worse? Economic Modeller Zsófi Kőműves shares top modelling insights.
Over recent months, the Russian invasion of Ukraine has…

Spotlight on Luca Barbieri

Kicking off a new monthly spotlight series for our Brussels based team, we have Senior Economist Luca Barbieri. Luca has been with us for 5 years now, and shares what he loves most about being an economist and what first inspired him to pursue a career in economics.

Tell us ab…

Inflation – how worried should we be?

Senior Adviser Andrew Sentance argues that in terms of both monetary and fiscal policy, policy-makers in the UK and around the world need to take a gradualist approach to countering the current inflation surge.
Inflation is on the rise in the UK and in many other countries aroun…