Oil Dependency

About the EU oil dependency tool

Transport and Environment (T&E) commissioned Cambridge Econometrics to assess the level of dependency in the 28 EU Member States (EU28) on imported oil, and how it exposes them to environmental and supply risks.

A major part of the project involved producing an oil trade database detailing all bilateral trade flows into and out of EU Member States. To help visualise the data in a manner that was clear and easy to interpret, we developed an interactive mapping tool to allow users to explore the geographic dimension to the data in a way that cannot be achieved through conventional tables and charts.

Our full report on EU oil dependency can be downloaded here


EU Oil Trade Flows

An interactive map tool to present the flow of crude and refined oil products into and out of the EU Member States. The tool presents trade data for a comprehensive set of oil products for the historical period from 2000-2013. It also provides oil trade projections out to 2030.

Geopolitical Risk Index

An interactive heat map of geopolitical risk to the supply of oil for EU Member States. The risk index is derived using data from the World Bank’s Worldwide Governance Indicators alongside information about the source and diversity of oil supply.

Oil Trade Metadata

Provides a detailed description of the indicators and sources that were used to construct the oil trade database.

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