Student placements

Every year CE offer a university student a one-year placement opportunity. We are now seeking a placement student with a keen interest in economics and an aptitude for programming to work with our teams in 2018/19.

About the placement position

The role involves working in our teams to:

We offer the experience of working as a member of a distinguished economic forecasting team within a supportive environment.  This placement offers the student the opportunity to develop the key skills required for a career in applied economics: analysing and interpreting economic data; writing effectively about economics for a variety of readers; proficiency in programming languages used for economic modelling.  The student will also have the opportunity to develop time-management, team-working and presentational skills, and to attend and contribute to client meetings.  Training in key software and processes will be provided.

To apply, email a completed application form by 11 June 2018 to:

Please ensure that you use the text “Placement Student Application” as the subject of your email.

Download the application form here.

My time as a placement student at CE

This year was the first time CE had only one placement student……I was given responsibilities that would normally be taken by full-time economists…

This year was the first time CE had only one placement student and the work became predominantly project-based, which might have made it more challenging. In hindsight, I see this as an advantage because I was given responsibilities that would normally be taken by full-time economists and the variation in project content made the work really interesting. I was able to manage my own time and progress but, when needed, always received support from my supervisor and the Regional team where I was based.

Processing and analysing data, using Excel and Ox, were a big part of the role. Despite having no programming experience, I learned Visual Basic from an internal seminar when I first started, became very keen on using it and was encouraged to do so. During my time at CE, I created several Excel-based data visualisation tools used internally and externally. I also took part in report writing and had interactions with clients in the UK and Europe, which allowed me to experience different aspects of economic consulting.

The friendly and supportive working environment of a small company was one of my favourite things about CE. Everyone, regardless of seniority, was approachable and valued my contributions. The range of social activities, from punting and rounders matches to pub visits, really made me feel like part of the company. In this aspect, the highlights will have to be winning the company Great Charity Bake-off and having the Christmas lunch at Trinity College.

By the end of the 13 months, I could clearly notice a difference in myself as an applied economist and as a person. How much I learned and how much I bonded with people at CE totally exceeded my expectations. It was an extremely fulfilling experience.

– Ha Bui, July 2014 – July 2015


…an extremely worthwhile experience……I learnt a lot about life as an applied economist while developing some important skills.

The placement was an extremely worthwhile experience. During my time at CE I learnt a lot about life as an applied economist while developing some important skills. In particular, I developed key skills associated with empirical economic work, including how to accurately work with and process data and how to effectively combine quantitative and qualitative information in producing an economic analysis. Underlying the data work at CE is a day-to-day application of the programming language Oxmetrics and, having had no prior experience of programming before the placement whatsoever, I ended up really enjoying it and feel that it has increased my ability to think through a problem logically and systematically.

With respect to the content of the work on offer there are always several projects going on at the company at any one time so, on top of your usual duties for one of CE’s Services (either UK Regional or UK Industrial), there are often opportunities to do work on a variety of other interesting things, making your placement experience as diverse as possible.

Of course life isn’t all about work and I found that the social side of CE while on placement was great too. Numerous pub lunches/outings, weekly 7-a-side football and a cracking Christmas party are all on offer to keep you entertained while on placement.

Finally the office environment at CE is absolutely fantastic: there are only around 30 economists working at the company but this promotes a great, friendly atmosphere where everyone knows and helps each other.

– Anthony Tuckwell, July 2011 – July 2012


CE is a great place to go for those who would like to become a professional economist…

CE is a great place to go for those who would like to become a professional economist or are interested in a career in academia. I worked for the UK regional department at CE. During my time there, regional and geographical economics became my main research interests. I became familiar with a lot of debates in the field through talking with the staff there, who were friendly and helpful. It was at CE where I got the inspiration for my final year dissertation and became familiar with the literature. I then studied a master’s at LSE and am now working as a research assistant and studying for a PhD in economic geography. The ideas and skills that I gained from my placement at CE have been a great asset to my research.

CE is also a workplace where you will be made to feel really welcome. The staff are very approachable and treat the placement students with respect. I was fairly quickly given a lot of responsibility and always felt that the work I was doing was of importance. My supervisor took great care to ensure that I always had work to do and that I was finding the tasks interesting and satisfying.

– Sevrin Waights, July 2007 – July 2008