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"I feel it was very helpful in providing a practical / down-to-earth perspective on econometrics that is all too often missing from university courses"

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Econometrics Training: Stata


Course details


Cambridge Econometrics offers a combined (elements of micro and panel data) econometrics course using the Stata software.

The course aims to cover the broad topics of econometric evaluation using Stata, and it should provide an overview of key concepts, as well as some of the techniques used to undertake time-series, microeconometric and panel data analysis.

We give participants the technical knowledge required to use a wide range of estimation techniques, such as instrumental variables regression and logit estimations, as well as provide, using examples, common issues that occur with applying these techniques to real datasets.

Each course usually consists of:

  • theory to help explain the techniques and the underlying principles behind them, with the focus as much as possible on the intuition behind the method rather than the algebra;
  • class examples to help to reinforce the theory sessions, with the course presenter demonstrating worked examples to the participants;
  • hands-on sessions to allow participants to actively practice the techniques by going through a set of pre-prepared examples with a full set of solutions to refer to if needed.

The courses are run by staff at Cambridge Econometrics who are, for the main part, involved in applied economics projects often with a policy issue in mind. In this respect, and in the time available, we aim to focus on the intuition and practical use of econometric techniques. The courses are not run by academics with little feel for real world policy applications, but by practising economists and econometricians.

Availability of courses

If you want to discuss the possibility of running a bespoke course for your organisation, or if you are interested in the remote learning option, then please contact us using the details below. Academic discounts are available.

Group courses

We offer courses on a group basis. If you consider you have sufficient people within your organisation to run a group course (we have run courses for as few as three people) then get in touch and we can discuss your specific needs, as a bespoke provision. The courses are generally based on a core structure that is modified to suit the requirements of the organisation.

We aim to keep class sizes relatively low (maximum 10) in order to allow time for participants to ask questions and get properly involved in the course! The courses are usually run in London, but there is some flexibility dependent on the needs of the organisation.

Use of the latest version of Stata will be provided at the venue.

Remote learning

For those who are unable to attend the courses in person, Cambridge Econometrics offers the option of remote learning. Through a combination of pdf files and email/telephone support, an individual can work their way through the course material, hands-on exercises and solutions at their own computer and at their own pace.

Although these courses are designed to be run at a more relaxed pace to suit the availability of the participant and trainer, we would usually recommend a maximum period of 1-2 weeks to complete the training otherwise things get too spread out.

Please note that the participant would need to have the Stata software already installed on their machine.

For further information, including prices, email training@camecon.com